Navigating the Jungle: A Safari Removal Guide for Mac and iOS

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If you’re an Apple user, Safari is likely the default browser on your device. While Safari is undoubtedly competent, some users feel the need to explore greener pastures. If you’re among them, join us on this safari of browser removal! We’ll delve into the why, how, and what’s next in the realm of browsers for your Mac and iOS devices.

Why Bid Farewell to Safari?

As the designated browser on Apple devices, Safari boasts safety and speed. Yet, you might be contemplating its removal for reasons such as:

  1. Desire for Frequent Updates: Maybe you crave browsers with more regular safety and privacy updates.
  2. Customization Enthusiasts: If you yearn for browsers that offer a plethora of customization options, Safari might feel limiting.
  3. Space Savvy: Overcrowded computer? Deleting Safari could free up valuable drive space.

If any of these resonate, let’s embark on the journey of saying goodbye to Safari.

How to Remove Safari on Mac

To thoroughly uninstall Safari from your Mac, we’re not taking the traditional route of dragging it into the Trash. Instead, we’re venturing into the jungle of third-party apps. Our tool of choice here is CleanMyMac 3.

  1. Download CleanMyMac 3: Head over to to download CleanMyMac 3.
  2. Installation: Open the downloaded folder, double-click on the CleanMyMac3.dmg file, and drag the icon into Applications.
  3. Launch and Clean: After launching CleanMyMac3, return to Applications, drag Safari into CleanMyMac3, select all files, and click Remove.

That’s it! Safari is now off your Mac, leaving more room for your digital adventures.

How to Disable Safari on iPhone and iPad

Unlike on Mac, you can’t entirely delete Safari on iOS due to its core OS nature. However, you can clear its data and disable it.

Erase Safari Data

  1. Settings: From your home screen, tap on Settings.
  2. Safari Settings: In the menu, select Safari.
  3. Clear Data: Within Safari settings, choose Clear History and Website Data. Confirm your request.

Your Safari history is now a blank canvas.

Disable Safari on iOS Device

  1. Settings: Navigate to Settings on your home screen.
  2. Screen Time Activation: If not enabled, turn on Screen Time and continue.
  3. Privacy Restrictions: Select Content and Privacy Restrictions.
  4. App Toggle: Within Allowed Apps, find Safari and toggle it off.

Congratulations! Safari is now disabled on your iOS device.

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FAQ: About Removing Safari

Q1: Can I uninstall Safari from my iPhone?

A1: No, uninstallation isn’t an option. However, you can disable Safari by following the steps in the article above.

Q2: What happens when I delete Safari?

A2: Deleting Safari removes the browser and all associated data, including passwords and bookmarks saved in Safari.

Fritzbox VPN on Android: Exploring Secure Paths

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