Safeguarding ForestVPN Apps: Approach to Malware Prevention

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In the intricate domain of app development, safeguarding against threats like malware requires a comprehensive strategy. ForestVPN employs a thorough methodology, diligently screening, outfitting, and educating every team member. Yet, the quest for security is relentless.

Fortifying the Development Process: A Rigorous Build Verification Procedure

ForestVPN has implemented a rigorous build verification protocol to protect our software from external tampering and ensure that no unauthorized changes or malware injections threaten its integrity.

Similar to the protection of water supplies for purity, our software undergoes a safeguarding journey, ensuring it remains untainted by malicious code throughout its creation and delivery to users. Recently, these protective measures have undergone independent scrutiny.

Mitigating Contamination Risks

In response to incidents of inadvertent malware dissemination by leading tech companies, ForestVPN has implemented a robust verification system to substantially reduce this risk for our valued users.

Feel confident using ForestVPN apps, knowing they are free from any unauthorized or malicious code. Here are a few key policies and procedures we’ve implemented:

  • PGP Encryption Keys: ForestVPN issues PGP encryption keys for all source code changes.
  • Dual Approval Requirement: Any code changes must be approved by an authorized person distinct from the originator.
  • Automated Audits: Changes undergo automated audits with alerts for unexpected alterations, followed by manual verification.
  • Exclusive Build Environments: Only CircleCI and Azure DevOps are used for producing binaries distributed to customers.
  • Assurance Engagement by PwC Switzerland: Our verification processes have been subject to an assurance engagement by PwC Switzerland.

How can you trust the veracity of our assertions? PwC Switzerland, an autonomous auditor, performed a meticulous review of our policies and controls through an assurance engagement.

Independent Assurance by PwC Switzerland

PwC Switzerland independently verified the efficacy of our safeguards through an assurance engagement, rigorously evaluating ForestVPN’s policies and controls, including a review of our source code, servers, documentation, and staff as of May 2020.

Ensuring Your Security Without Compromises

ForestVPN is committed to safeguarding your privacy and security by proactively identifying and mitigating potential threats. Our dedication to transparency is reinforced through independent audits, including the recent security evaluation by Cure53 and the preceding review by PwC Switzerland.

These assurance engagements, along with security assessments and other transparency efforts, contribute to ForestVPN’s mission of pushing the industry forward. Stay tuned for more audits, tools, and insights that empower you to hold us accountable to our commitment to security and transparency.

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