Instagram Hack: 4 Strategies to Reclaim Control

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“Instagram hack” might evoke visions of artistic pursuits rather than digital nightmares. Yet, if you find yourself in the latter scenario, fear not. Below is a meticulous guide to recover your Instagram account after a potential hack. This step-by-step process ensures you can regain command over your account swiftly, restoring order to your feed.

Recognizing the Signs of an Instagram Hack

Before embarking on the journey to regain control, discerning whether your Instagram account has fallen victim to a hack is crucial. Nine common red flags serve as indicators:

  1. Unauthorized Posts or Activities: Unexpected posts, comments, or messages point towards unauthorized access.
  2. Unusual Account Behavior: Notifications for actions you didn’t perform, such as following unfamiliar accounts or altering your profile, signal a breach.
  3. Drop in Followers or Engagement: Hackers may make changes leading to a decrease in followers or engagement metrics.
  4. Email or Password Changes: Notifications about alterations to your email, phone, or password without your initiation are warning signs.
  5. Suspicious Login Attempts: Notifications about unfamiliar login attempts suggest potential intrusion.
  6. Inability to Log In: Sudden inability to log in despite correct credentials may indicate an unauthorized takeover.
  7. Unfamiliar Devices: Unknown devices logged into your account are indicative of unauthorized access.
  8. Unusual Activity on Your Feed: Random images, Reels, or Stories appearing without your initiation are clear signs of compromise.
  9. Dodgy DMs and Suspicious Links: Complaints from friends about strange messages with unknown links indicate potential malicious use.

Reclaiming Control: A Swift Response

Step 1: Check if you can still sign in with your password

If any warning signs are present, attempt to sign in. If successful, change your password immediately to prevent further intrusion:

  • Navigate to your profile through the hamburger menu icon ≡.
  • Access Settings and Privacy > Accounts Center > Password and Security.
  • Change your password promptly and review logged-in devices to kick out potential intruders.

Step 2: Check your email to undo account changes

If a hacker attempts to change your password, act quickly:

  • Check the email sent by Instagram ([email protected]).
  • Select the Secure my account hyperlink to undo changes.

Step 3: Recover your account through the app

If the hacker successfully changed your password and email:

  • On the login page, tap Forgotten Password?
  • Select Search by mobile number and follow prompts to reset your password.

Step 4: Request help directly from Instagram

If locked out completely, report the hack to Instagram directly:

  • Provide account creation details or take a video selfie for identity verification.

Retrieving Deleted Content

If a hacker deletes your Instagram account or content:

  • Retrieve deleted posts within 30 days from the Recently deleted option in Your Activity.

Understanding the Risks and Prevention

While anyone can face a hack, certain individuals are more vulnerable, such as those with a large following, influencers, businesses, and those with weak or reused passwords. Cybercriminals exploit various tactics, including posing as friends, scams, and phishing.

Preventive Measures

To thwart potential hackers, adopt these measures:

  • Create a robust, unique password using a password manager.
  • Opt for two-factor authentication (2FA) for added security.
  • Exercise caution with clicked links to avoid phishing attempts.
  • Regularly monitor login activity for unusual devices or locations.
  • Revoke access to untrusted third-party apps.
  • Activate autosave for original content.
  • Avoid linking Instagram to Facebook logins.
  • Enable security notifications for unfamiliar login attempts.
  • Use a VPN for internet traffic encryption and location privacy.
  • Avoid public Wi-Fi for logins or use a VPN for secure connections.
  • Keep software up to date to patch vulnerabilities promptly.

Protect your Instagram account with these strategies to ensure a secure and uninterrupted online presence.

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