Social Media Sensitivity: How to Adjust Content Settings

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Social media platforms, including the recent adopter Instagram, are granting users more control over their exposure to “sensitive” or “mature” content on their feeds. However, whether you desire a feed filled with provocative imagery or choose to filter out certain content, the decision is yours. Fortunately, you can fine-tune the amount of such content shown to you.

Understanding Sensitive Content on Social Media

The term “sensitive content” encompasses posts discussing or depicting self-harm, violence, regulated products (such as tobacco), and sexually explicit material. It’s crucial to note that content violating a platform’s rules gets outright removed and does not fall under sensitive-content options.

There are various reasons why you might want to enable sensitive-content controls. For instance, if your child uses your account, or if you find certain images distressing. On the flip side, you might prefer unfiltered content and let the platform’s algorithms decide what you see.

Managing Sensitive Content on Different Platforms


Instagram offers the Sensitive Content Control feature, allowing you to adjust the visibility of sensitive content on your Explore feed. You can choose between the default “Limit” option and “Limit Even More” for increased filtering. Here’s how:

  1. On your profile, tap the menu icon at the top-right.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Go to Account > Sensitive content control.
  4. Choose between Limit (Default) or Limit Even More.

This setting doesn’t affect your Home feed, which displays content primarily from accounts you follow. If followed accounts post sensitive content, it appears blurred on your Home feed, giving you the choice to view it by tapping “See Photo” or “See Video.”


YouTube’s Restricted Mode helps screen out “potentially mature” content. It’s off by default, but you can activate it separately on your browsers and devices. When active, video comments are hidden.

  • To enable Restricted Mode on your computer browser:
    • Click your YouTube profile picture.
    • Scroll down and click Restricted Mode.
    • Toggle Activate Restricted Mode on or off.
  • To use Restricted Mode on the YouTube app:
    • Tap your profile picture.
    • Go to Settings > General.
    • Toggle Restricted Mode on or off.


Twitter blocks “sensitive” content by default. However, you can take control:

  • To view blocked profiles or tweets, click “Yes, view profile” or “View.”
  • To display sensitive media on your account:
    • On your account page, click More > Settings and privacy.
    • Click Privacy and safety.
    • Under Content you see, check “Display media that may contain sensitive content.”
  • To reveal sensitive content in search results, click “Search settings” at the bottom of Content you see and untick “Hide Sensitive content.”


On TikTok, sensitive content is strategically blurred out on the For You feed. While you don’t have the option to opt out of this setting, you do have the power to decide whether to Skip the video or Watch it anyway. Uk ip vpn free.

Crafting Your Social Media Environment

Your preferences matter when it comes to managing sensitive-content controls. What suits one user may not align with another. By understanding and adjusting these settings, you can curate a social media experience that resonates with your comfort level and preferences.

Remember, social media platforms are evolving, and new features may be introduced. Staying informed about the latest updates empowers you to make conscious choices about your online interactions.

Q: Can I completely block sensitive content on TikTok?
A: While TikTok blurs sensitive content on the For You feed, there’s no direct option to fully block it at the moment. You have the choice to skip or proceed.

Q: How do I enable Restricted Mode on YouTube?
A: On your computer, click your YouTube profile picture, go to Restricted Mode, and toggle it on or off. On the app, tap your profile picture, navigate to Settings > General, and toggle Restricted Mode.

Q: What happens if I enable Sensitive Content Control on Instagram?
A: By adjusting the settings on Instagram, you can control the visibility of sensitive content on your Explore feed. The options include “Limit” and “Limit Even More.” This setting doesn’t affect your Home feed.

Q: Can I customize the display of sensitive media on Twitter?
A: Yes, on Twitter, you can choose to display media that may contain sensitive content. Navigate to More > Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety > Content you see, and check the corresponding option.

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