The Ultimate Guide to Data Hoarding for Survivalists

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Data hoarding has emerged as a crucial practice for those who anticipate the unexpected. Whether it’s the collapse of the internet, sudden censorship, or the need for archival purposes, data hoarding prepares individuals for the worst-case scenarios. Join us as we delve into the guide to data hoarding for survivalists, exploring its intricacies, benefits, and essential strategies.

Understanding Data Hoarding

What is Data Hoarding?

Imagine this: the internet collapses, and with it, access to vital information. In a digital age where knowledge is power, data hoarding becomes paramount. Data hoarding, also known as digital hoarding, involves the accumulation and archival of excessive amounts of data. While physical hoarding is recognized as a medical condition, digital hoarding primarily manifests in the digital realm, free from physical clutter.

Who Hoards Data? And Why?

We’re not alone in this endeavor. A thriving community of data hoarders, spanning various motivations, exists. From legal and competitive requirements to the uncertainty of cloud services’ permanence, individuals engage in data hoarding for diverse reasons. Preppers, archivists, and those skeptical of external transmission also contribute to this vibrant community. Recent events, such as the archival of Capitol storming data, underscore the significance of data hoarding in preserving crucial information.

Essential Strategies for Data Hoarding

Best Things to Download off the Internet

  1. Kiwix: A free, open-source browser and offline reader, Kiwix facilitates access to Wikipedia, TED Talks, and Khan Academy content, vital for offline use, especially in remote areas.
  2. Media: The Internet Archive stands as a universal library, offering free access to a plethora of media, including books, movies, music, and software, making it a treasure trove for public domain and creative commons content.
  3. Manuals: iFixit hosts over 70,000 free manuals for repairing various technologies, ensuring self-sufficiency in times of need. Additionally, r/Survival provides a comprehensive free survival library, essential for outdoor enthusiasts.
  4. Linux Distros: Lightweight and highly customizable, Linux distributions offer a reliable alternative to proprietary operating systems. With minimal maintenance requirements, they serve as indispensable assets in any data hoarder’s arsenal.
  5. Productivity: OnlyOffice Docs presents a free and open-source alternative to mainstream productivity suites, ensuring longevity without the hassle of updates or license renewals.

Backup Strategies for Data Hoarding

Implementing the 3-2-1 rule is paramount: maintain three copies of your data, with two backups stored on different media types and one stored remotely. Start now to safeguard your hoarded data against unforeseen eventualities.


1. Is data hoarding legal?

Data hoarding itself is legal; however, the legality of specific data downloads may vary based on copyright and intellectual property laws.

2. How do I ensure the security of hoarded data?

Encrypting your hoarded data and implementing robust cybersecurity measures are crucial for safeguarding it against unauthorized access or breaches.

3. Can data hoarding be environmentally sustainable?

Efforts to minimize power consumption and utilize energy-efficient storage solutions can mitigate the environmental impact of data hoarding practices.

4. What role does ForestVPN play in data hoarding?

ForestVPN offers secure and reliable VPN services, ensuring encrypted data transmission and protection against surveillance or censorship, thereby enhancing the data hoarding experience.

5. How can I get started with data hoarding?

Join online communities such as r/DataHoarder for valuable insights, resources, and guidance on initiating your data hoarding journey.

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