North Korea FAQs: Peacking Under the Veil of Enigma

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Have you ever pondered upon the mysteries shrouding North Korea? Well, buckle up because we’re diving deep into the secretive realm of the DPRK. From unicorns to military might, we’re here to quench your curiosity and debunk some myths.

North Korea

🌐 Does North Korea Have the Internet?

Yep, they do! But it’s not your typical internet experience. North Korea boasts its own closed-off network, Kwangmyong, accessible only to its citizens. Surprisingly, their internet speeds are impressive, reaching up to 2.5 gbit/s. However, access to the global web is severely restricted.

πŸš€ How Big Is the North Korean Military?

Let’s just say it’s colossal. With over 9 million personnel, including active, reserve, and paramilitary forces, North Korea flaunts the largest military organization globally. Shockingly, about 40% of the population is in the military, showcasing the nation’s emphasis on defense.

⏰ How Far behind the West Is North Korea?

In terms of calendar years, North Korea stands 1,911 years apart from the Western timeline. Their Juche calendar, initiated with Kim Il-sung’s birth, places them in the year 105. Talk about a unique perspective on time!

βš–οΈ Will I Get in Trouble in the DPRK?

It’s a bit of a gamble. While you might face severe consequences for seemingly innocuous activities like watching Netflix, possessing marijuana isn’t considered a crime. North Korea’s legal landscape is a maze of contradictions and surprises.

Where Is the Largest Stadium in the World?

Look no further than North Korea! The Rungrado 1st of May Stadium steals the show with its capacity to seat a whopping 150,000 spectators. That’s like fitting the population of a small city into one colossal venue!

Do Unicorns Exist?

Believe it or not, North Korean archaeologists once claimed to have discovered an ancient unicorn lair in 2012. While the scientific community raised eyebrows at this revelation, it’s just one of the many surreal tales from the hermit kingdom.

πŸ’‡ Can I Get My Hair Cut in North Korea?

Absolutely! But don’t expect a wide array of hairstyle options. Until recently, there were only 28 approved haircuts, and last year, all men were ordered to sport the leader’s signature hairstyle. Talk about a hair-raising decree!

πŸš— Can I Own a Car in North Korea?

Contrary to popular belief, car ownership is permitted in North Korea. However, with limited options and exorbitant prices, owning a car remains a luxury for most citizens. Fun fact: Kim Jong-Un supposedly mastered driving at the tender age of three!

Will North Korea Ever Be Democratic?

The concept of democracy takes an intriguing turn in North Korea, where elections are held every five years with mandatory voting. Yet, the ballot typically features only one candidate, making the outcome rather predictable.

🌐 Why Does North Korea Isolate Itself from the Rest of the World?

Despite occasional outreach efforts, North Korea’s isolation persists. With a penchant for provocative gestures and a deeply ingrained ideology of self-reliance, the nation maintains a wary distance from the global community.

🎒 Can I Go on a Roller Coaster in North Korea?

While amusement parks do exist in North Korea, they pale in comparison to the country’s more unusual attractions. From mausoleums to monumental statues, there’s no shortage of sights to behold in the hermit kingdom.

Will I Understand the language?

Fret not! The Pyongyang Foreign Languages Publishing House ensures that North Korean texts are accessible to foreign visitors. However, conversing with locals might prove challenging, given the nation’s impressive literacy rate of 100%.

Kijong-Dong Looks Nice, Can I Visit It?

As picturesque as it seems, Kijong-Dong remains off-limits to visitors. This uninhabited village near the border with South Korea serves as a curious symbol of North Korean propaganda, enticing Southern defectors with its facade.

πŸ’£ How Should We Respond to North Korea’s Nuclear Tests?

With tensions often running high, responses to North Korea’s provocations vary. South Korea’s unconventional tactic of blasting K-pop across the border in retaliation to nuclear tests exemplifies the surreal nature of inter-Korean relations.

The Curious Fascination with North Korea

The enigma of this country continues to captivate the world, with each revelation sparking more questions than answers. As we delve deeper into the intricacies of this secretive nation, one thing remains certain: the allure of the unknown is irresistible.

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