Benefits of paid VPN services

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VPN services are now more popular than they’ve ever been. As a result, countless new VPN services, including both free and paid services, have been created. We understand that using a free VPN appears to be simpler, but is it really? We are not so sure about it, so here are some benefits of paid services we believe you should review.

No sacrificing

Free services are always built on you giving them something. It’s understandable, as no VPN service will do charitable work. One of the most common ways to profit from free service users is to incorporate ads. If it isn’t ads, it could be something the company doesn’t tell you about, such as selling your data. You may also waste time by switching from one program to another, because, let’s face it, finding a free VPN that doesn’t lag or disappoint you takes time.

Quality services require budget

Without a budget, how can a company provide high service and quality? Again, only through unreliable alternatives. If a VPN has a paid plan, the user’s money is partially used to keep the product running and invest in it. Moreover, paid VPN providers put a lot of effort into the technological aspect of the app, so the speed and quality of your connection with such apps will always be top-notch. As opposed to free VPN, with paid services you do not have to share your connection speed with everyone else using the server.

Additionally, consider their motives. What drives a paid VPN service? Pretty straightforward and understandable. What are the motivations behind a free VPN? You just never know.

Customer service and guarantees

Another key component. Big brands always have a dedicated team working on the app. If you contact them with a question, you will certainly receive help. Any problem will find a solution. The company must also fulfill its guarantees, so you know you will get what you paid for. Free VPNs, on the other hand, can promise you anything you want, but there is generally no genuine guarantee.


We’ve previously mentioned it, but it’s worth mentioning again. The VPN of your choice is like a best friend with whom you share your secrets. You would rather tell your secrets to a trustworthy friend, rather than spilling them to random people who might use them against you. Same with VPN. Paid VPNs offer greater encryption and don’t keep any logs. Now, if the VPN you installed isn’t trustworthy, you run the chance of leaking a lot of reliable information. There are many free VPNs out there that sell data and information. Additionally, such free VPNs typically have weak security and are unable to fulfill their primary function – to protect. Sure, your VPN may be turned on, but you’ll never know if it’s working properly.

Cool bonuses

Perhaps you’ve observed that VPN services frequently offer more than just VPN. It’s more of an array of functions; for instance, ForestVPN also provides an ad blocker, peer-to-peer connections, online support, Tor over VPN, etc. Companies also provide you with a range of plans to choose from that meet your preferences. When you think of it this way, you’re not only paying for a VPN, but for a better and more expansive internet experience.

Think it through

We’ve told you about the benefits, and now it’s up to you to decide which VPN will satisfy you the most. It may appear that paying for VPN is unnecessary, but is deleting and installing new untrustworthy VPNs every day truly worth your time? Plus, VPNs are usually inexpensive.

Anyway, your relationship with VPN largely depends on your needs. Undoubtedly, there are reliable free VPN services available, especially if you don’t mind making some sacrifices and limiting yourself. If we were to recommend using free VPNs, we would stick to free services provided by paid providers. This way, you receive limited service from a company with a budget and clear intentions.

One thing we can say for sure – whatever your needs are, we can satisfy them at ForestVPN. Our free trial will treat you well, and in case you decide to use paid services, our prices are super competitive. Can you imagine secure and reliable VPN for the price of one coffee cup a month?

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