Digital Jungle: Free Cyber Safety Resources for Kids

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Today is Safer Internet Day, an initiative that began in 2004 with the EU SafeBorders project. Its mission: to foster a safer, more positive online experience, especially for the little digital natives out there. For those of us who grew up with the internet, we’ve witnessed its evolution, but for the kids of today, the online landscape is a whole new adventure.

In the spirit of Safer Internet Day, we’ve curated a collection of free and engaging online resources to equip kids with the knowledge to navigate the digital jungle safely. Let’s dive in and explore the cyber safety activities and games that can turn your child into a digital superhero!

Cyber Safety Activities and Games

Interland by Google

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Interland, a creation of Google, is not your average online game. It’s a digital playground designed to teach kids about digital citizenship and internet safety. Dive into the Kind Kingdom, where the internet can amplify positivity or negativity. Traverse Reality River to distinguish between what’s real and fake online. Climb Mindful Mountain to learn about online sharing etiquette, and explore the Tower of Treasure to understand the importance of safeguarding personal information.

Cybersmart Challenge by Australian eSafety Commissioner

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Developed by The Office of the eSafety Commissioner in Australia, the Cybersmart Challenge provides videos and lesson plans addressing cyberbullying, online contact, critical thinking, and protecting personal information. It’s an essential resource for building a robust digital defense mechanism.

Education Arcade

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Imagine a gamified learning experience for kids designed by an IT professional who is also an avid gamer. That’s Education Arcade for you! With games and quizzes covering topics like password security, phishing, and invoice scams, it’s a fun way for kids to become cyber-savvy.

Cyber Games UK by The National Crime Agency

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Welcome to Cyberland, a fictional town where players learn about different aspects of cybersecurity. Developed by the National Crime Agency in the UK, each game in the Cyber Games UK collection tackles a different type of cyberattack. It’s an exciting journey through malware, codebreaking, data leaks, passwords, and network security.

Internet Safety for Children by WNS Cares Foundation

Watch video here

The WNS Cares Foundation focuses on collaborating with schools, teachers, and parents to aid less-privileged children and youth. Their Internet Safety for Children video is an excellent introduction for kids on how to stay safe online.

Cybersecurity 101 by NOVA PBS

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NOVA PBS presents a fascinating and easy-to-watch introduction to the history of the internet and the birth of viruses. It’s a must-watch for kids who want to understand the current cybersecurity landscape.

Responsible Use of Technology for Kids by Smile and Learn

Watch video here

Smile and Learn offers an excellent primer for kids on the good and bad the internet can offer. From responsible use of personal technology devices to recognizing signs of cyberbullying and spotting fake news, it covers it all.

Being Safe on the Internet by AMAZE Org

Watch video here

Produced by AMAZE Org, this video introduces kids to the dangers of strangers on the internet and teaches them how to avoid them.

Now, armed with these resources, your kids can not only surf the internet but also do it safely. In a world where online threats are as abundant as cat videos, knowledge is the best armor.

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Q1: What is Safer Internet Day? Safer Internet Day is an annual initiative promoting a safer online experience, especially for children. It addresses cyberbullying, social networking, and digital identity issues.

Q2: How can I keep my kids safe online? Explore engaging cyber safety activities and games like Interland by Google, the Cybersmart Challenge, and Education Arcade. These resources teach kids about internet safety in a fun way.

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