Steps to take when removing an app from your phone

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Steps to take when removing an app from your phone. Private internet access openvpn file
Steps to take when removing an app from your phone. Private internet access openvpn file

It is prudent to uninstall apps from our phones to either declutter the device, enhance privacy or because they’ve become obsolete. However, removing an app does not guarantee the deletion of your data from the app developer’s servers, leaving your information susceptible to potential data breaches.

To safeguard your privacy, consider taking additional measures when deleting apps from your device.

Prioritize these steps before uninstalling an application.

1. Disconnect all accounts linked to the app.

Numerous applications enable synchronization with other platforms to simplify and expedite sharing. However, this grants them access to your associated accounts. Simply uninstalling the app does not revoke this access.

To ensure privacy, manually disconnect any linked services within the app. If this feature is absent, utilize the desktop version, which typically offers more comprehensive settings control.

2. Delete your account.

Your app-linked account likely holds personal details, including your name, email, and potentially credit card information. Uninstalling the app from your device won’t remove your account; you must delete it through the app itself.

However, account deletion does not guarantee that the company will erase your data. Consult its privacy policy for its data handling practices.

Account Deletion Instructions

Many apps and services now offer the ability to remove your account. Platforms such as Facebook and Bumble enable in-app account deletion, while Instagram necessitates deletion via a computer or mobile browser. If unsure about whether a service allows account termination, examine the privacy or account settings for such an option, or access the web version for a comprehensive overview of account management features.

Alternatively, Just Delete Me provides direct links to delete accounts across various services. Be aware that certain platforms, including Twitter and Pinterest, implement a grace period before permanent account deletion, allowing for account reactivation within a timeframe ranging from one week to 30 days.

What if account deletion is not an option?

If the app or service prevents account deletion or if you doubt the erasure of your data, consider substituting your details and images with fictitious ones to safeguard your identity on an inactive profile.

5 Practices to Incorporate into Your App Usage

Remain vigilant about the data you share while using an app, not solely upon its deletion.

  • Make it a routine to meticulously scrutinize the privacy settings each time you download a fresh application.
  • Exercise restraint in granting permissions. Only grant application access to sensitive aspects such as your location, photos, camera, microphone, or contacts if it’s indispensable for the application to function optimally.
  • If possible, strive to exclusively authorize the application to access your location, data, or utilities only at the precise moment you necessitate them – swiftly revoke this access immediately thereafter.
  • Ensure your applications are consistently updated, as newer versions are frequently developed to rectify identified vulnerabilities.
  • Make it a routine to regularly refresh your passwords to enhance the security of your accounts.

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