Strategies to Combat Spam Through Anonymous Email Forwarding

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Strategies to Combat Spam Through Anonymous Email Forwarding. Private internet access ios openvpn
Strategies to Combat Spam Through Anonymous Email Forwarding. Private internet access ios openvpn

Is there a more invasive nuisance than spam to frequently besiege your inbox? Encompassing chain emails, advertisements, and money scams, these unsolicited messages are a far cry from the humor of their Monty Python namesake—resembling instead the grim journey of Dante’s descent into hell as you toil through the clutter.

To dodge spam, consider using disposable email addresses for online transactions; this shields your primary address from subsequent marketing barrages and privacy breaches. Services like 10 Minute Mail provide such temporary emails, though managing multiple addresses for every interaction can be burdensome.

Safeguard your email address using a forwarding service.

Anonymous email and alias forwarding platforms such as AnonAddy and SimpleLogin offer a solution, recently joined by Apple’s Hide My Email.

Fundamentally, these services enable the creation and management of multiple persistent “alias” email addresses that funnel to your primary inbox, offering a lasting alternative to temporary email addresses.


Equipped with Free, Pro, and Lite Plans. AnonAddy is also available for smartphones and browser extensions.

AnonAddy operates through a tripartite process:

1. Register with a username.

Begin by registering a username, such as kztbid. With registration complete, [email protected] becomes available as a personalized email address. Here, the test represents any chosen alias. Alternatively, employ a random alphanumeric sequence for increased anonymity, resulting in an address like [email protected]. Shared domains like are available for those concerned with privacy. Additionally, custom domains may be set up if preferred.

2. Generate Aliases

The next step involves generating aliases, which can be devised spontaneously or prepared in advance, to use when subscribing to newsletters or creating new website accounts.

3. Alias Management

Herein lies the enjoyable aspect: if an alias you’ve established begins to accrue spam, you possess the capability to instantly disable it. AnonAddy will subsequently intercept and eliminate incoming messages directed at the alias. Should you choose to permanently remove the alias, AnonAddy will categorically refuse any subsequent emails.


Equipped with Free, and Premium Plans. SimpleLogin is also available for smartphones and browser extensions.

SimpleLogin operates through a two-stage process.

1. Create a username

After registering and logging in to SimpleLogin, create a unique username/alias for each intended purpose, such as [email protected] or [email protected].

2. Email Reception

You can now manage emails using your SimpleLogin aliases, allowing you to both send and receive messages. Additionally, employing SimpleLogin aliases for your business can help reduce costs associated with purchasing additional email inboxes.

Apple’s Hide My Email

This requires an iCloud+ account and it’s available on iPads,iPhones, and Macs.

Hide My Email, an Apple service accessible on iOS 15 for iPhone, iPad, macOS, and, enables the creation of unique, random email addresses that conceal your primary email.

Though labeled “temporary,” these alphanumeric iCloud-generated addresses can be retained indefinitely. Use them for online registrations or purchases, and any correspondence, including confirmation numbers, will be forwarded to your actual email.

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